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Take a look at out how our PSA oxygen generating system works.

Video Transcript – 

How Does a PSA Oxygen Generating System Work?
A brief overview

Our oxygen-generating systems work by separating oxygen from the air we breathe, through a process called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA for short).

Air contains around 21% oxygen and our PSA systems allow us to conveniently extract this oxygen and concentrate it, producing up to 96% pure oxygen gas.

The only by-product from this process is Nitrogen, which is vented back into the atmosphere from where it originated making the process extremely environmentally friendly
with no harmful waste products produced.

The carbon footprint is also much lower than traditional cryogenic separation methods, making it an excellent choice as the world pivots towards a carbon-neutral future.

Let’s take a look at the various steps in more detail:
1 – We start with a good clean and reliable source of air.
2 – We filter and dry this air to an optimal dew point temperature of around 3 deg C.
3 – The air is then stored in a suitably sized air storage tank.
4 – This clean dry air is cycled through one of our advanced PSA oxygen generators.
5 – The concentrated oxygen is then stored in the oxygen storage tank.

From here we can either supply directly to point of use or into an oxygen compressor for filling high-pressure cylinders.

Our PSA oxygen systems allow you to produce your own oxygen on demand 24/7.”

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