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Foxolution’s Vision is…. to save lives and makes processes possible in an environmentally friendly way by providing safe and reliable oxygen to the medical and industrial sectors.

    Foxolution has been supplying on-site oxygen generators to industry since 2001. Foxolution’s intellectual property, expertise, and know-how are founded on the Gas Mixing technology and PSA oxygen technology developed by Festo (Pty) Ltd in the early 90s. The technology is now owned by Foxolution as part of a technology transfer agreement.

    Based on this expertise and decades spent in the gas industry, Fox is able not only to provide unique solutions when it comes to the on-site supply of gas to industry, but it is able to extend its offer to include the servicing, refurbishment, and maintenance of all makes and sizes of oxygen plant. As a system integrator, Fox also prides itself in being able to offer PLC software solutions to integrate its product offering with its client’s existing system(s) without the client having to source this service from a third party.

    Foxolution - On-site Gas Generating Systems

    Fox also has an oxygen clean room facility installed at its Sunnydale Works plus Fox is able to provide comprehensive training for its client base regarding the hazards associated with oxygen-enriched & oxygen-depleted atmospheres, reciprocating oxygen compressors, materials compatibility, safety distances, etc.

    In-house training programs that have been developed in alignment with material published by the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), the Compressed Gas Association (CGA), and the American Standards for Testing and Materials (ASTM) can be tailored for your application.

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    South African Qualification and Certification Committee - Gas
    Engineering Council of South Africa
    Dekra Certified - Quality Management ISO 9001:2015
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