Foxolution supply high pressure gas cylinders in varying sizes to countries throughout Africa as well as abroad.

Some of the typical applications for gas cylinders include:

  • Distribution of Medical gases

  • Emergency Services EMS

  • Cutting & Brazing

  • Laboratory Gas Supply

  • Water Treatment

  • Aquaculture

Typical standard stock cylinders

Minimum order quantity: 5 off per item apply
  • 3L Water Capacity Oxygen Cylinder (D-Type) complete with 17E Pin-index Valve (CGA 870)

Part Number: FO2-3A-E

Full specifications available here.

  • 9L Water Capacity Oxygen Cylinder (E-Type) complete with 25E Pin-index Valve (ISO 407 / CGA 870)

Part Number: FO2-9A-E

Full specifications available here.

  • 50L Water Capacity Oxygen Cylinder (L-Type) complete with 25ES Bullnose (BS 341-3 No.3)

Part Number: FO2-50S-I

Full specifications available here.

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Non-stocked cylinders (except oxygen) have a minimum order QTY of 100 off, for custom colours the minimum order QTY is 250 off, all 250 to be the same colour.

If you have specific valve or cylinder color coding requirements to meet regional standards, we can help.

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