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    Since the 1960’s and the advent of the “heatless dryer” as patented by Skarstrom, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology has gained widespread commercial acceptance as the technology of choice for bulk gas separation.  It’s not only a “Green” technology, providing a substantially lower carbon footprint as opposed to traditional cylinder delivery methods, but it’s also a particularly cost-effective and energy-efficient technology – especially for the on-site manufacture of Oby means of an oxygen generator.

    Foxolution has developed a range of PSA Oxygen Generators for both industrial and medical applications.


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    Typical applications include:

      • CIL gold processing plants
      • Platinum processing plants
      • Aquaculture or Fish farming
      • Wastewater treatment
      • Ozone generating plants
      • Combustion

    Typical applications include:

      • Direct Hospital Supply
      • Clinics & Emergency Services
      • Medical Oxygen Cylinder Filling
      • Containerized Oxygen Production Facilities
      • Medical Oxygen Cylinder Distribution

    Access your PSA from anywhere and anytime

    From start-up to shut-down, from pressure to O2 purity. Our range of PSA’s can be fitted with a ‘real-time’ monitoring system, allowing you to control your system remotely. Options exist for remote plant management by Foxolution, thereby lowering onsite operational overhead & resources.

    Foxolution - Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators

    Connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, the generator can be as close as your mobile phone, allowing you to keep a close eye on your system. It can be programmed to notify you by SMS or email the moment an alarm is triggered, giving you a system with increased safety and real-time monitoring. Talk to us today and let us tailor a solution to meet your exact needs.

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