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    We can contract to maintain your PSA generator on a regular basis- i.e. Service Level Agreement. This includes periodic filter change out, auto drain checks, valve inspections and re-builds, muffler change out, purity checks, instrument calibrations & certification, hydrostatic testing & certification, re-sieving as and when required, sequence timing changes, and plant optimization.

    We can also manage the regular servicing of your compressor plant in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Furthermore, we offer the facility to monitor your plant 24/7, thus minimizing downtime, optimizing recovery, and saving you time and money.


    Is your PSA generator struggling to reach its specified oxygen purity, pressure, and flow?

    Don’t despair, we can assist by identifying the root cause of the problem and advise you on what corrective measures need to be taken to restore your plant to its original functionality.

    We have the technology to competently re-build any make of PSA. If your on-site PSA plant is too big to send to our Sunnydale works, we will re-build it in situ.

    Added to this, we will provide a complete set of documentation, – engineering drawings, arrangement & detail drawings (where applicable), electrical drawings, schematics, P&ID’s, pneumatic diagrams to DIN-ISO 1219-1 and 1219-2; DIN 30600; DIN 44300-1; DIN 66001; IEC 848, etc. Datasheets, O&M manuals, PLC Allocation Lists, PLC program hardcopy and train your operators.

    We can also replace your PSA’s control equipment and program the replacement with an IEC-601131 language equivalent plus network it using RS485 technology or Ethernet®. Touch screen control / SCADA / industrial modems are other options available – call us!


    We offer the facility to periodically perform checks on your on-site gas analyzers and calibrate them in accordance with their respective manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Span gas and Zero gas that are traceable in alignment with ISO 9000 recommendations are provided. NIST traceable gases can also be provided if so requested.

    All our work is certified and performed by competent persons.


    Any component that is used in an oxygen-enriched environment (>22.5 vol%) requires specialized cleaning. Failure to do so could lead to an oxygen fire, an explosion, and even death. The image depicted on the left shows hydrocarbons, which are normally not visible to the naked eye, fluorescing under high-powered ultraviolet light. When in contact with oxygen and under certain conditions, these hydrocarbons can pose a serious risk.

    Scrupulous cleaning is the most fundamental fire safety measure that can be applied to oxygen systems and as the old saying goes, Russian Roulette does not get any safer the longer you play it! We offer to clean to the CGA 4.1 / EIGA / ASTM International Standards and certify the same. See Hazards of Oxygen Enrichment for more info.

    Don’t ignore the hazards associated with oxygen enrichment and ensure that your system and its components are always certified as being Clean for Oxygen Service.


    Foxolution is able to provide comprehensive training regarding the hazards associated with oxygen-enriched and oxygen-depleted atmospheres. Other training programs include the Safe Operation of your Oxygen PSA plant.

    In-house training programs that have been developed in alignment with material published by the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), the Compressed Gas Association (CGA), and the American Standards for Testing and Materials (ASTM) can be tailored for your application.


    Please contact us for further details about our consulting services.

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