Foxolution design and build both Oxygen and Nitrogen gas boosters for a number of industries and applications. Our gas boosters allow for the safe and efficient transfer of a gas from a large cylinder into a number of smaller cylinders and increase the pressure thereafter. This makes transporting and handling cylinders easier. Gas wastage is minimized as a result of the high gas compression ratio by design.

Extreme care is taken to protect the operator from any unforeseen high-pressure discharge of gas. Sturdy steel cover plates are fixed to the front and top of the booster. The line pressure gauges are fitted with safety glass and the gauge housing comes complete with a rear blow-out facility. The design includes a gas inlet filter and a compressed air filter regulator with auto-drain as standard. A pressure safety valve is fitted to the secondary side of the station and its outlet is directed away from the operator behind the steel cover plates.

There are a number of models to choose from. More sophisticated models include pneumatic counters and an auto-shutdown feature. The gas booster depicted is a compact air-driven FOX-150. It can handle up to 200 Bar on the oxygen primary side (inlet) and compress to 150 Bar on the secondary side (outlet). Foxolution also manufactures 200 bar units (outlet side).

Moreover, these units can be custom-built to meet specific requirements and have been tested and run in some of the harshest environments in Africa. Comprehensive, easy-to-understand user manuals are standard issue. Furthermore, user training at our Sunnydale works is readily available on request and on-site training can be catered for.