Foxolution supplies a range of highly specialized Rix Industries Oxygen Compressors and Oxygen Boosters. Rix Industries have been manufacturing compressors since 1970 and are the world’s leading manufacturer of Oil Free custom engineered oxygen compressors.

Oxygen Boosters and Compressors are used to safely increase the gas from low pressure up to the required level. Cylinder filling is one such application whereby the oxygen is compressed into cylinders up to 200 Bar(g). Other applications include medical oxygen supply for hospital systems where line pressure is boosted and maintained at a set level for patient use at bedside points or in theater.

The Gold Mining Industry drastically improves gold yields by utilizing oxygen in the recovery process. Foxolution specializes in the manufacture, supply, and installation of these onsite Oxygen Generating Systems and the inclusion of the Compressors and Boosters increases the oxygen line pressure to a suitable level.

Field Tested, Robust and Safe. Rix Industries Oxygen Boosters and Compressors have earned their place as the worlds leading oxygen compressor brand.