The Foxolution medical gas offering is engineered so that it can:

    1. Supply a Primary source of Oxygen-93% constantly to the hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility.
    2. Manage a secondary supply of oxygen gas automatically and distribute it as needed with no user input.
    3. Automatically manage a reserve oxygen supply and distribute it to the facility as needed with no user input.
    4. Optionally provide Oxygen-93% for cylinder filling during periods of low demand from the Healthcare facility.

Other configurations are available.

Systems are tailored to each use case and are engineered in accordance with ISO7396-2:2016 (E)

Medical Gas Suppliers in South Africa - Foxolution

The parameters logged in real time are:

    • Feed Air Temperature (Deg. C)
    • Feed Air Pressure kPa
    • Oxygen (O2) Vol%
    • Carbon Monoxide (CO) PPM
    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) PPM
    • Hydrocarbons – broad-based, includes CO, mineral, and synthetic oil (HC) PPM
    • Oxygen (O2) Pressure Dew Point (PDP) Deg. C
    • Compressor Fault
    • Compressor Overload Trip
    • Refrigerated Dryer Fault



  • Refrigerated Dryer Overload Trip
  • Vacuum Pump Overload Trip
  • Oxygen Compressor Overload Trip
  • Auto-drain Fault
  • Bed A Pressure kPa
  • Bed B Pressure kPa
  • Oxygen Receiver Pressure (kPa)
  • Oxygen Filter Differential Pressure (kPa)
  • Oxygen Compressor Vibration Switch (mm/sec2)
  • Oxygen Discharge Temperature


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